Update from the Chair –11th October 2021

Dear Fellow Members ~

Welcome to autumn – season of wind, rain, sun and all the other weather variations Glasgow can offer on any day of the year…

Thank you to everyone who turned up or tuned in for last month’s wonderful lecture on Manet by Lois Oliver. My apologies to those listening on Zoom for the problems with the musical excerpts; live-streaming in-person events is new territory for us and for the Concert Hall, so we are all feeling our way. We hope the technology will go more smoothly this time.

Our next lecture, this Wednesday, 13th October, is on the Shakers of North America, presented by John Ericson. Most of us have heard of the Quakers and Shaker-style furniture: John will fill in the missing links between them, and promises some surprises along the way, so I hope you will join us for what promises to be an entertaining morning.

It was a joy to meet again in the Concert Hall and I encourage all who can to come along in person. At the moment there is room to space out and, while the Concert Hall café is not yet open, John Lewis and La Bonne Auberge are good options nearby, so there is no need to forgo coffee or lunch dates! For those still confined to barracks, an email will be sent out with Zoom connection details. We will be delighted to have your company, by whichever medium.

My very best wishes,


Welcome to the Glasgow Antiques and Fine Art Society, known as GAFAS, an independent art organisation, founded in 1972, with a membership of 650. Meetings are held monthly on Wednesdays at 10.30am, in the Strathclyde Suite of the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, from September to June, excluding January.

Distinguished lecturers are invited from all parts of the United Kingdom, to present talks on a wide range of antique or contemporary art topics.   An Annual Outing is held in May, to visit a venue of outstanding national or international artistic importance.

New Members are very welcome, and may apply online or by post, as detailed on the ‘Become a Member’ page.


Header & footer images photographed for GAFAS from objects in Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum