Emperor Qianlong (1735-1796) – Son of Heaven, Man of the World

David Rosier

18th December 2019



Qianlong was not only one of the greatest of all Chinese Emperors, but also a noted scholar who wrote and published over 43,000 poems, was accomplished in the art of calligraphy, and painted almost every day.  However, his greatest legacy was his outstanding collection of art, a vast treasure trove including paintings, porcelain, jade, textiles, enamelling, and furniture. This lecture gives an insight into Qianlong, both as a highly successful Emperor and as a scholar and ‘ultimate’ collector and curator of fine art.

Lecturer’s CV

During many years of business focused on Asia, David Rosier has developed an extensive knowledge of the history, arts and culture of China, with a particular interest in the costume and textiles of the Qing Dynasty.  He is a regular contributor to publications such as China Eye, and lectures widely around the UK and Europe.  In addition, he undertakes lecture tours to South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and leads lecture tours to China focusing on Imperial art and culture.