GAFAS Programme


(This is the arranged programme we hope to deliver to members is the coming season if the opportunity allows. Best wishes to everyone – stay safe!)


September 23

‘Paris fashions made in Lyon’: Louis XIV to the French Revolution

Professor Lesley Miller

Senior Curator V&A; Professor of Dress and Textile History, University of Glasgow


October 14

A Hungarian Metropolis: Art and Culture in Budapest

Gavin Plumley

Writer, broadcaster, and historian of Central European culture


November 18

The Bayeux Tapestry: the World’s Oldest Comic Strip

Eveline Eaton

Historian and lecturer in Fine Arts


December 16

The Art of the Japanese Garden

Professor Marie Conte-Helm OBE

Historian and lecturer on the arts and culture of Asia



February 17

The Guggenheims – a Dynasty of Art Collectors

Professor Andrew Hopkins

Historian and lecturer; former Assistant Director of the British School at Rome


March 17

Artist against the Establishment: Jacob Epstein ‘taking the brickbats for modern art’

Evelyn Silber

Lecturer, author, and former Director of the Hunterian Museum


April 14

Heraldry and Antiquity:  Classical Dimensions in a Medieval Art Form

Dr Clive Cheesman

Richmond Herald, College of Arms, London


May 12

Midsummer Magic:  the Golden Age of Nordic Painting

Brian Healey

Artist and lecturer


June 16

James Duncan of Benmore: a Remarkable Victorian Collector

Andrew Watson

Chair of Art Department, The American School in England