GAFAS Programme

GAFAS Lecture Programme 2021 – 2022 – CLICK ON TALK TITLE FOR FULL DETAILS

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  • Both entrances to the Concert Hall are now open
  • The café is now open
  • There are no social distancing requirements
  • We still need to to sign/scan in for “Test and Protect”


15 September

Edouard Manet and his Music

Dr Lois Oliver

Curator of Paintings and Sculpture, Royal Academy; Visiting Lecturer, Courtauld Institute          

13 October                

The Shakers of North America

John Ericson

Freelance lecturer

17 November

Faber and Faber – its History and Designs

Toby Faber

Author, publisher and lecturer

15 December

The First Women of the Royal Scottish Academy

Alice Strang

Art historian and curator of modern art 


16 February         

The Bayeux Tapestry – the World’s Oldest Comic Strip

Eveline Eaton

Art historian and lecturer  

16 March

Aberdeen Art Gallery

Dr Maureen Park

Art historian and lecturer

13 April                 

Samuel John Peploe – Scotland’s First Modernist

Guy Peploe

Director of The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh, and The Scottish Colourists Foundation 

18 May                  

The Architecture of the British Raj

Anthony Peers

Architectural historian and building conservation consultant

15 June                 

‘Paris Fashions made in Lyon’: Louis XIV to The French Revolution

Professor Lesley Miller

Professor of Dress and Textile History, University of Glasgow