Samuel John Peploe – Scotland’s First Modernist

Guy Peploe

13th April 2022

April '22 - SJ Peploe


Join leading Scottish Colourist expert Guy Peploe for a personal lecture on how his grandfather, the artist S.J. Peploe, brought Modernism to Scotland. Peploe held his first exhibition in 1903 at the Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh, marking the venue’s emergence as a leading gallery of modern art. Living in Paris between 1910 and 1912, Peploe changed his style radically, from paintings reminiscent of Manet and Sargent to brilliant Fauvist works which placed him in the vanguard of British Modernism. His ground-breaking art, with its strikingly vibrant colour palette and syntheses of design, is now internationally acclaimed and continues to inspire to this day.


Guy Peploe is a Director of The Scottish Gallery, where he began his career in 1983. He is the acknowledged expert on the work of his grandfather, S.J. Peploe, about whom he has written and lectured extensively. He has also published articles on F.C.B. Cadell, and writes, lectures and broadcasts on Scottish art in general, particularly that of the modern period.