The Bayeux Tapestry – the World’s Oldest Comic Strip

Eveline Eaton

16th February 2022

Feb '22 Bayeux Tapestry


Everyone is aware of “1066 and all that”, but we don’t necessarily know the facts about that momentous event. This entertaining lecture will present in detail the historical, cultural and artistic aspects of the Bayeux Tapestry, which provides posterity with such a startling testimonial of peoples’ lives in the late Viking Age. Plans for the Tapestry to come to Britain in 2022 are in the balance, as it is in need of repair; Eveline’s presentation is therefore an ideal opportunity to discover more about this unique masterpiece – and the perfect introduction if it can be brought over on loan.


Born and brought up in Berlin, Eveline enjoyed work there as an advertising copy-writer, before moving to England and pursuing her long-held dream to study art history. She has now been an accredited lecturer with the Arts Society for over 30 years and speaks on a wide range of fine art subjects. From 2013 to 2019 Eveline was Chairman of the Dresden Trust, an organisation helping with the rebuilding of that city.